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Dennis Wieffering has been in the grocery business for 30 years.  Two years ago he became the Store Owner/Operator of Dennis' Your Independent Grocer - a full service local supermarket located at 315 Herold Road, Saskatoon, SK.   "When your name is on the front of the store there's a lot of pride and responsibility. I enjoy the personal feel with the customers and the creative freedom" says Dennis.

When Dennis took over the store he inherited an existing security camera system that was in need of an upgrade and some additions. "We take shoplifting seriously and we share security camera footage with managers, other stores and the Police. Upgrading was a precaution to reduce losses".

"I called another Your Independent Grocer store that recently installed video surveillance with Reed Security. Andrey was happy with the pricing, quality, and service and recommended me to Reed."

 "I like that Reed Security is right in Saskatoon and have a local office. I can pick up the phone or send a quick email when I need help. The installation technician, Cody, was spectacular!"

Our solution consisted of a REEDHD™ BUSINESS BUNDLE:

  • ReedHD™ Hi-Def Cameras (twice the quality of 1080p)
  • Pole mounted, indoor and outdoor cameras
  • 10 to 30 Days Recording of all events
  • Video Management Software - quickly find the footage you need and export it
  • SmartPhone and PC apps for local and remote administration
  • 100% Parts and Labour warranty
  • 100% Onsite Service warranty
  • 100% Remote Tech Support with login service
  • Archiving of incidents for the POLICE
  • Preventative Maintenance with regular visits to your site
  • One low monthly fee that covers it all

If you are having a Problem with Theft - We Can Help! Contact Us today for a Free Security Evaluation.

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In April 2017, the federal government introduced legislation to legalize and regulate recreational cannabis in Canada. If passed, the proposed federal Cannabis Act would create rules for producing, possessing and selling cannabis across Canada.

The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) will issue approximately 60 cannabis retail permits to private operators in as many as 40 Saskatchewan municipalities and First Nation communities.

Both wholesaling and retailing of cannabis will be conducted by the private sector and regulated by SLGA. Cannabis retailers will be required to establish a standalone storefront operation, with the option to also operate an online store.  Stores will be limited to selling cannabis, cannabis accessories and ancillary items.  Stores must also have the ability to track and report cannabis inventory to help ensure consumers only have access to safe, legal product from regulated wholesalers.

If you would like to open a licensed Cannabis Retail Store in Saskatchewan you will require the following security requirements:


12.!Appendix C - Security Requirements


A Cannabis Retail Store Permit will not be issued to an applicant who has not met the physical security requirements for the premises. Any separate storage facility must meet the same requirements.

1)          Alarm System

A cannabis retail store must be protected by a professionally installed and monitored alarm system that contains at a minimum:

a)           detectors to indicate unauthorized attempts to tamper with, open, enter or penetrate perimeter entry points, perimeter windows and secure cannabis storage room;

b)           detectors to indicate unauthorized movement within the premises including the secure cannabis storage room;

c)            capability to detect any attempts to tamper with the system or malfunctions with the system which must be immediately repaired by a professional technician;

d)           panic/robbery button(s) installed at all point of sale positions; and

e)           a plan identifying system compliance must be submitted to SLGA for approval along with any changes to an approved plan or system.


2)          Digital Camera Security System

A cannabis retail store must have a digital camera security system that contains, at a minimum:

a)           cameras that are enclosed in the ceiling or domes and linked to a monitor and recording system located in a secure area within the premises;

b)           cameras and lighting must be positioned to clearly capture 24 hour coverage of activity identifying all individuals entering/exiting the premises, including staff areas, and all individuals within the premises including the:

i.             point of sale area(s);

ii.            receiving area(s);

iii.           customer area(s); and

iv.           the secure cannabis storage room.

c)            system must have on premises 60 calendar day minimum recording retention in a common format that is easily accessible, captured, viewed and capable of producing real time digital colour video and still images that clearly identify individuals and contain a time/date stamp not obscuring the image;

d)           recording and viewing system must be located in a secure location within the premises along with a maintained surveillance plan showing camera numbers, locations, coverage, authorized users list and operating instructions.

e)           if the permittee has knowledge, or should have had knowledge, of any pending criminal or regulatory investigation, recorded data and relevant information must not be destroyed after the 60 calendar day minimum recording retention period and must be provided to SLGA and police upon request.

f)            a plan identifying system compliance must be submitted to SLGA for approval along with any changes to an approved plan or system.

g)            the system must be tested weekly to ensure all cameras and recording equipment are functioning properly and a log of the test results must be kept and available to SLGA upon request.

h)           all malfunctions must be immediately repaired.


3)          Perimeter Security

A cannabis retail store must secure perimeter entry points against unauthorized access by, at a minimum:

a)           the use of 1.5mm (16 gauge) hollow metal doors with 1.9mm (14 gauge) metal frame and tamper-proof hinges at all entry points other than the customer entrance.

b)           commercial grade non-residential locks on all access points with secured tamper-proof strike plate and locking device must penetrate the door frame at minimum 1.25cm. 

c)            a customer entrance constructed of commercial grade material sufficient to secure against unauthorized access.

d)           an overhead receiving door constructed of commercial grade material and locking device (if required).

e)           sufficient to secure against unauthorized access.

f)            perimeter locking devices not on a master key system.


4)          Cannabis Displays, at a minimum, must ensure:

a)           All cannabis displayed in a customer area must be within a showcase that is accessible only by authorized staff.

b)           All cannabis on display must be in its original sealed package or an approved container.

c)            All cannabis not displayed in a customer area, and after operating hours all cannabis, must be stored in a locked secure cannabis storage area accessible only by authorized staff.


5)          Cannabis Storage

The cannabis retail store must secure the cannabis in either:

a)           a safe where the safe is a solid metal receptacle capable of lo cking and that weighs either 341 kilograms or that is anchored to the permanent structure of the building. For any items requiring refrigeration, a locking refrigeration unit that weighs 341 kilograms or more orthat isanchored to the permanent structure of the building is considered a safe.

b)           A storage room that meets the following, at a minimum:

i.             constructed of Flattened Metal Mesh, EMMA 557-99 style ¾-9F,nominal strand thickness of 0.120" (0.108" to 0.132"} diamond opening of 0.563" x 1.688" or Sheet steel 16ga, Al008/A1008M (cold rolled) or A1011/A1011M (hot rolled) or equivalent.

ii.            mount steel or steel mesh on the outside (attack side) of the room, including the ceiling, in the following manner:

•             support all edges by anti-spread bracing, studs or corners;

•             align sheet edges at every vertical and horizontal seam on centre-line of steel stud or anti-spread bracing; and

•             secure all sheets with screws, welds or rivets.

iii.           16gauge (1.6mm) steel sheets, HR Commercial quality, ASTM A366, matte finish, shall extend 1200mm around doorframe on inside of room and attached to the doorframe with screws, welds or rivets.

iv.           minimum 1.5mm (16 gauge) hollow metal door not exceeding 36 inches width with 1.9mm (14 gauge) metal frame.

v.            commercial grade door lock with locking device that penetrates doorframe at least 1.25cm and tamper­ proof hinges.

vi.           16mm gypsum wallboards on both sides of the wall (interior optional) attached with drywall screws.

Although not part of the SLGA security requirements we highly recommend installing FlashFog as an added security measure. Burglars Can't Steal What They Can't See.

We have Smart Bundles specifically designed to meet SLGA Security specifications. If you would like more information please Contact Us for a 

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Who would you rather trust to protect you - industry leaders that keep up to date on the latest security innovations or the dinosaurs that are slow to adapt to change? Reed Security recently traveled to China in search of the smartest, most innovative security camera technology on the planet. We even found security cameras at the Great Wall of China near Beijing (population 21.7 million). Life is different in China. A number of things stood out right away:

1. China has the largest population in the world with nearly 1.4 billion people. People are Everywhere - both the sidewalks and the streets are congested. Be prepared to be bumped into and race to the front of the line.

2. Huge growth in construction. It's common the see clusters of construction cranes of 20 or more at one development (we lost count of how many developments we saw). Apartment buildings are built at record speeds to house the growing population.

3. China is the manufacturing mecca of the world and exports more than 2 trillion USD a year. All the manufacturing has a side effect - a light to heavy smog in the cities we visited.

4. The Chinese people work hard, but about the same as the average Canadian worker. Both work about 2000 to 2200 hours a year.

5. Chinese elementary and middle school students outwork Canadian students. The school day runs from 8am to 4pm. After dinner its 1-2 hours of daily homework.

6. You are unable to use FaceBook, Instagram, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and several other web sites.

7. Don't feel too bad. Over 963 Million Chinese people use the WeChat app for social media and for digital payments.

8. Baidu is the Google of China and has an 82% market share . A censored version of Google has a 10% market share in China.

9. The Chinese people are technologically advanced and use their smartphones constantly (including when we were almost run over by a moped).

10. How many security cameras can you count at this Shanghai (population 25.2 million) intersection? CCTV cameras are EVERYWHERE in China and you definitely have the feeling that you are being watched.

11. However, you also feel safe.

Where is all the data stored? How is the data being used?

12. There is a shortage of factory workers in China and employees have a choice on where to work.

13. Made in China 2025 is a government lead initiative to use Robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at factories to keep production costs low as labour costs increase. What are we doing in Canada to stay competitive?

14. We visited the head office of our partner Hikvision in Hangzhou (population 9.2 million). Hikvision is the largest video surveillance manufacturer in the world.

15. In 2016, Hikvision annual sales were 4.6 Billion USD and they currently have 20,000+ employees (9,000 are engineers).

16. Proud members of the Hikvision North American Support Team were gracious hosts and provided V.I.P. treatment all day. They were happy to showcase solutions and answer our questions.

17. Visits to the Hikvision head office are paid for by the customer.

18. We were impressed with the Hikvision showroom where there was a strong emphasis on Applications - using technology to solve problems. Smart Facial Detection technology predicted Virgil's height +/- 3 cm.

19. The Hikvision factory has more than 2 million square feet and manufacturers 100,000 security cameras a day. That's over 36 million security cameras a year!

20. We weren't allowed to take pictures of the inside for privacy reasons.

21. You can see the Hikvision artificial intelligence strategy at work as little orange self-driving, self charging robots move products from assembly lines to storage areas (Hikvision manufacturers the robots). 

22. The robots complement factory workers who work a regular 8:30am to 4:30pm shift and live in company-provided apartments right next door to the factory.

23. At the employees choosing they can return to work after dinner for some overtime.

We Help Families Feel Safe and Connect Them to Their Homes. We also Help Businesses Reduce Theft and Re-Gain Control.

Contact Us today for a Free Security Evaluation or to find out How We Can Help You.

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Heading on summer vacation? There's nothing worse than coming back to a home that had a break-in. Here's 20+ Summer Security Tips you can implement to protect your Home and Property while you're travelling.

You're Going to Need More Than a Funny Welcome Mat to Prevent a Break-in!


If you lose a key, then get the locks changed. A better alternative is to eliminate keys altogether by installing an smart lock with built in keypad.

Ask all strangers for identification. The person who is “lost” and looking for directions could actually be a burglar checking to see if someone is home.

Never hide an extra key outdoor - especially underneath a mat or on top of a light fixture. This is the first place the bad guys look. Leave an extra house key with a friend or a neighbor. Again, a better alternative is to eliminate keys altogether by installing an smart lock with built in keypad.

DO NOT advertise on Facebook or Instagram that you are on vacation. Social media is the equivalent of a diary in a glass house. You may think you’re letting your friends and family know you’re having a great time, but people often forget to change their privacy settings. If you like to post photos - post them after you get back.

For insurance purposes take photos of the contents of your home and keep all receipts in an off-site location. Great options are Google Drive, Microsoft Cloud and Dropbox.

Write down the model and serial number of all electronics. This will come in handy for a future Police report and insurance claim.


Door chains are easy to bypass. Install deadbolts. We have smart lock options with built in deadbolts.

Install window bars on all basement windows. They are a great visual deterrent and can be connected to a monitored home security system.

Install a stopper or stick on all sliding doors and windows. You can find these at your local hardware store such as Home Hardware, Canadian Tire or Rona.

Make sure all doors and windows are locked. Many burglars go door to door looking for targets that forgot to lock their front doors.

For cabins, consider installing roller window and door shutters. Visit to see samples.


Burglars target unoccupied homes so keep your home well lit at night. Install timers that turn lights, radios and televisions on at different times. This gives the appearance that someone is home. A better option is to install smart lights and smart appliance modules and setup on an alternating schedules.

Cancel the newspaper and have a friend or neighbour pick-up your mail.

Park a vehicle in the drive-way. Don’t forget to lock the doors and remove any valuables.

If you’re taking an extended vacation of more than a week, hire a student or service to cut your grass.


The insurance companies agree. You are 400% less likely to have a break-in and can qualify for an insurance discount of up to 25%.

  • NEW! $0 Equipment, $0 Installation Plans
  • No Phone Line required
  • 24/7 Monitored Protection from intrusion, fire, flood, low temperature, and carbon monoxide
  • Includes Police / RCMP and Fire Department dispatch and Call List notification
  • Optional ALARM.COM - control your smart lights, smart locks, and smart thermostat with *free apps
  • Optional ReedHD™ Wi-Fi Doorbell - Know Who's at the front door, record audio and video onto the cloud
  • A monthly subscription is required for all service plans


If it looks like a door or window was forced open, DO NOT go inside. The Burglar may still be on site.

Call the Police from your mobile phone and wait.


Do NOT Sign Up with Door to Door alarm companies with Limited Time Offers. Before you know it you will be on the hook for thousands of dollars with a company that doesn't have a local office. Many door to door alarm companies have summer programs (May to September only). After that good luck. Be sure to search Google for reviews and ask friends and family who they use for home security.

If you would like more information on Smart Home or Business Security & Automation please Contact Us for a Free Security Evaluation.

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Gone are the days of grainy black-and-white images on a 15” monitor!  Today’s surveillance cameras give you high-definition images in day, low-light and even night-time conditions.  They are vandal proof and can work in -50o C temperatures.  With the right security camera, installed the right way, you can catch a licence plate number from 75 feet away in a blizzard, follow an intruder across your yard, count how many people enter your store in a given period, even be alerted when unattended baggage appears in a pre-defined space.

However, many business owners are on the fence about whether to add a security camera system, or to upgrade a 15-year-old analog system.  Cost can seem prohibitive, and while they sure are nice toys to play with, are they really adding any value to your security system?  Most businesses already pay for a monitored alarm system; what will a security camera system do that’s worth the extra cost?

First off, I should point out that security cameras are not as expensive as they used to be.  In fact, a beautiful 1080P security camera with infra-red LEDs costs less now than an analog security camera did 5 years ago.  But it is still an investment, and you need to know that your investment is going to pay off. 

Here are some great points to consider, regarding adding video to your building’s security:

1. Internal Theft

A 2015 study showed that 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their employer.  A staggering 43% of shrinkage reported by retail outlets was due to internal theft, which is a higher figure than shoplifting (36%).  Not only that, but many people are installing cameras to catch their employees stealing time from them – showing up late and leaving early for shifts.  Putting security cameras in key areas, and letting your staff know they are there, can go a long way to eliminating this.

2. Safety

Incidents happen in the workplace every day, causing bodily injury, among other things.  Some incidents occur without any witnesses.  Having high-definition footage of an incident can help yourself and the Workers Compensation Board separate a fraudulent claim from a legitimate claim, offering safety for both you and your employees.  It can also answer the age-old question of who backed the truck into the loading dock.

3. Catching Criminals

In 2015, Saskatchewan had over 9,400 break-ins and Alberta had over 27,000 break-ins. In many, many cases it is impossible to determine who the perpetrator was; even if there is a suspicion, the courts need hard evidence in order for you to press charges.  While it is still possible for someone to avoid cameras or to disguise oneself during a break-in, HD video surveillance can provide that hard evidence in a high proportion of cases.  Even if your footage can’t solve your case now, the Police will keep it on file and it may help solve other cases in the future.

4. Deterrent

If your building has security cameras, and the one next door doesn’t, it’s a no-brainer for a criminal.  Most intruders are looking for a crime of opportunity, not a well-planned heist.  More often than not, just the presence of the security cameras themselves will reduce the amount of crime your business has to suffer through.

5. Save Money

Ultimately, the amount of money you can prevent from leaving your bank account due to internal theft, break-ins, and fraudulent claims can be enough to pay for a high-definition security camera system multiple times over.  Many businesses even notice an upsurge in employee productivity as a result of the added video surveillance.

So there are just a few reasons why video surveillance may be the right choice for your business.  I have seen clients save literally hundreds of thousands of dollars because they had the right equipment in the right place.  In most cases, the benefits are measurable almost instantly.  So be sure to take all this into consideration when making plans to increase your business’ security.

MONEY SAVER: Instead of purchasing a camera system or upgrades and tying up your capital, you should consider our new Business Bundles program. One low monthly fee covers it all.

Dave Schlegel
Owner, Calgary Security Expert
Oxford Security Systems
Reed Security Authorized Dealer


If you are having a problem with theft (or would like to avoid one) , We Can Help!

Contact Us today for a Free Security Evaluation.





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