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Smart Security Solutions for Home

Smart Security Solutions for Home

We help Families feel safe and keep them connected to their Homes.

Our professionally installed SmartHome solutions are controlled from one single app. Control your smart security system, smartlocks, smart thermostat, HD Wi-Fi doorbell camera and get real-time instant notifications. No phone line required.

Upgrade to the Smartest Security & Automation system on the Block today.

Smart Security Solutions for Business

Smart Security Solutions for Business

We help Businesses re-gain control, reduce theft, and grow their bottom lines.

From a local small businesses to multi-location enterprises our professional-grade SmartBusiness security, energy management and ReedHD™ video monitoring solutions will provide you tools you can rely on. Reduce theft, gain new awareness, get instant visibility into key operational activities and manage your energy costs.

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Hi, I'm Alex. I'm your friendly neighborhood (well not really) summer student that works for a door to door home security company. During the school year I work pretty hard studying Business and from May to September I work hard knocking on a lot of doors - and by a lot I mean I've been to thousands of homes with my crew. I work with a crew of 20 or more reps, so it's a lot of fun!The door to door home security company that I work for provided me with training. I'm proud to say that I... Read more

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Due to the popularity of smartphones and affordability of high speed internet, Home Owners are choosing to drop their home phone lines in record numbers.1 in 3 homes no longer have a home phone line - and the number is growing each month.85% of Reed Security's new subscribers use cellular 3G/4G signals are sent to Reed's 24/7 Rapid Response Monitoring Stations instantly (10x faster than using a phone line) upon an comes... Read more

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